Ewido Antispyware

Powerful program for detecting and deleting spyware


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Ewido Antispyware is a powerful program created by Grisoft, the company that manufactures the famous AVG software, a completely free antivirus that has been offering reliable security against all kinds of viruses for years.

Ewido Antispyware was designed to pick up the slack of the original program, giving special attention to spyware that is installed on your PC with ill intent.

The program is capable of detecting all kinds of spyware, keyloggers, adware, malware, hackers, and specifically any kind of app that tries to access your system to damage it or extract information.

Ewido Antispyware uses different techniques to detect spyware files, such as analyzing unknown signatures, controlling the active processes in each Windows session, analyzing the network connection, detecting any known access, etc.

30-day trial limit.

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